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Vehicle Maintenance Generation Gap

Market Research Shows Alarming Generation Gap
When it Comes to Vehicle Maintenance

Car Care Canada conducted consumer research over the
summer to learn more about driver’s maintenance habits and
gauge their understanding of what type of maintenance is
required on their vehicles.  The overall results were encouraging
with 70% of drivers reporting they bring their vehicle in for
maintenance at least once per year.  However, when we began
to look at the detailed results it became clear that we are facing a
generation gap when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Today’s
youth (18 to 24 years) don’t know what their cars need and are
not taking care of their vehicles.  This poses a safety threat to
themselves, as well as others on the road.

Here are some highlights:

  • Youth are least likely to change their oil every 5,000 km and 22% of youth either had no idea when to change it or wait until the oil light comes on.
  • Only 45% of youth bring their vehicle in for maintenance at least once a year versus 76% of people over 50. 22% never bring it in or only when it breaks down and 34% wait for a warning light or a strange noise.
  • 10% of young drivers reported that they never put air in their tires and an additional 9% admitted they do not know how to dermine the correct tire pressure.
Car Maintenance - Not Just For Guys!

These results identify a need to reach this market segment and educate them about the need for regular vehicle maintenance.  Taking an active role in maintaining their vehicle is the best way to avoid costly repairs down the road.  A well maintained vehicle will also help keep them safe on the roads, and it helps the environment.  Car Care Canada will be sharing these results with the media during Car Safety Month in October.  We will be working to try and reach this elusive market to stop this alarming trend.

The good news is our message is reaching Canadians.  As a result of the Be Car Care Aware campaigns, 60% of Canadians who are aware of the program improved their vehicle maintenance habits.  One-third report an increased likelihood of completing preventative maintenance, of driving gently (i.e., gradual acceleration and braking) and packing an emergency kit for their vehicle.  About one-quarter reported they were more likely to reduce cell phone use while driving and to reduce idling their vehicle.

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