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The Need for Vehicle Maintenance

Car Check Events Show an Alarming Trend!

Car Check Events held throughout Canada found that 85% of cars on the road need
maintenance.  Over the course of the summer, repair and service facilities in Montreal,
Toronto, Guelph, Winnipeg and Calgary held free vehicle inspections to give
Canadian drivers a chance to chat with certified technicians and find out what
if any work their vehicles needed.

The results show that maintenance is in great demand.  20% of vehicles failed the
inspection because of low, overfull or dirty motor oil.  This can afect the safe driving
performance of the vehicle and damage internal parts.  Under-inflated tires were found
on 18%, which impacts safety, fuel consumption and the life-span of a tire.  Regular
vehicle maintenance is imperative to ensuring safety, protecting investment and preserving
the environment.  Many Canadian facilities used this opportunity to promote regular
maintenance with their clients and to build longer lasting customer relationships.

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